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Kawneer is an American manufacturer of architectural aluminum systems and products for the commercial construction industry. Headquartered in Norcross, Georgia, Kawneer has offices in 13 countries in North America, Europe, North Africa, and Asia. Kawneer is part of Arconic's global Building and Construction Systems (BCS) business unit.

A former employee urges people not to work here on indeed.com, "Avoid Kawneer for a career..if anything use it as a stepping stone. If you're in with the right people you could go further up the chain but if you're not then forget about it. You could be late from traffic and get pinged with a point but the very next day someone could be late and they'll let them use a scheduled vacation day to avoid the point. They already select their employees for promotions even though it's supposed to be an interview process. Communication is non existent and they claim there's no retaliation but the moment you say something about the wrong Peron you're now a target. DO NOT LET KAWNEER LIE TO YOU. Worst off they also try to promote people that can't do the labor to the higher paying positions instead of give it to solid workers cause the lazy ooeple can't keep up. It's safe and sends a poor message to employees that actually work hard. And if you're lucky enough to get promoted you will get zero training cause some supervisors are control freaks and refuse to teach you so they can be the only ones to know it all. So sink or swim in this place."


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Former Employee - Laborer says

"Lots of hours of my life wasted waiting for jobs that were supposedly on their way to our department. Total bologna. Then, when the jobs would arrive. Mistakes would hinder their progress to the point we would have some jobs literally collecting dust before they saw completion Double standards. Lots of lazy people. We didn't have an actual department supervisor for a couple years. The irony was that we got more accomplished without one, IMHO. By the time I left, it had been roughly 3 years without a pay raise because the union was run by unorganized members. The last thing I recall was a form going around asking us for "recommidations" How are you going to negotiate with sharks if you can't even grammar?"

Former Employee - Laborer says

"Pretty much everything. You will never go far in this place, and you will be treated terribly. The union contract gets you a decent starting rate, then you never see advancement again. All the people retiring after 40 or 50 years of working there say what a great place it used to be, and how terrible it's gotten. I left because it was very clear that the company is in trouble and thinks that taking it out on the employees is the answer. They have no sense of reality and absolutely zero consideration of people's lives. You will work constantly. You'll be working nearly every day, especially spring through fall when you'd like to be out living a real life."

Current Employee - Supervisor says

"All girls club. This is career suicide dont do it. No family time at all."

Current Employee - Forklift Operator says

"High management turnover (3 PMs in 6 years, 4 HR managers, 3 Ops managers, and I can't even count how many process engineers). No work/life balance. Stock is stagnant at 2/3 of what it was 6 years ago while the DOW booms. AND....our company is up for sale from Arconic. Management acts like raises come out of their own pocket. Very low employee morale."

Current Employee - Factory Worker says

"Management is not trustworthy. Management lies to their employees constantly. Company preaches safety!! but reality they do not care. They want you to be safe or pretend like your safe in an unsafe environment. If you get hurt they keep you at work for the day and literally make u do nothing but stand there so it's not considered as a day missed from injury. So they wont have to report it. If you are seriously injured they'll deny your claim and say that u werent hurt on the job if its inconclusive. They wont give you time off to recovery from injuries.. if u miss to much time. more day 5 days a year u get fired... for any reason other than deaths in the family. There is zero trust between workers and management. They don't care about their employees. Your easy to replace. They force you into 70 hours of work every other week.. while working 48 hours the previous week.. They constantly taking taking taking evert benefit they have. Very bad place to work right now. Unappreciated employees. It's looking to be a very GRIM future."

Current Employee - Production says

"No locker room, 10 minute breaks. Lousy lunch room. No union."

Former Employee - Laborer says

"Not the greatest work environment, extremely hot in certain areas, a lot of over time"

Current Employee - Laborer says

"Pay is now bad for the area. Kawneer used to pride themselves on how much they pay, that it was in the top three paying companies in the area, now they don't care anymore. Medical insurance is horrible, coverage isn't good and you have to pay around $100 a week for family medical coverage. That wouldn't be so bad if you got decent raises but raises are so small that each year when insurance goes up, it wipes out your small raise you just got. In most cases you are making less money in the new year. Kawneer steals a week vacation from us in February because they shut down during that time. If you have only one week vacation that year, you are out of vacation for the entire rest of the year! Company pretty much controls the union, no sick time, no personal time. For people working I believe 25+ years, you get one personal day off! I would be embarrassed to offer that. Can't get sick or you get a hit, if you get more then 4 hits a year, you lose performance pay. So people come to work sick, and get everyone else gets sick that works around them because of the hit policy(another safety issue). The company has a written policy about their hits but the company doesn't have to follow it, which doesn't make any sense why they have written polices. Kawneer doesn't accept doctor excuses for being out sick for one day. If you are sick for one day, you get a hit. Use to lose hits every six months, now it takes a year to lose a hit. If you get 6 hits a year, you are fired. They ask for advice with ways to improve working conditions / moral but they don't listen to hourly employees at all. Preach safety as being # 1 but profit is, and always will be. They care about the customer and making customers happy which is great, you don't have a business without customers but they couldn't care less about their employees. People are quitting for better jobs, and that is something I didn't see before. They buy junk equipment from companies that are looking to file bankruptcy so they could try and save a few dollars but it cost Kawneer more because of all the down time because of equipment issues. Most supervisors don't have any idea on how anything works or how it is supposed to run, won't listen to shop employees to help improve anything. Plant manager seems confused at communication meetings why nobody likes working here anymore, just look at all the negative changes you made at the plant since coming here a few years ago! We are told at meetings that our location is one of the best plants, that we make good money, etc., but every time contract time comes up, they fight us tooth and nail, and more then half of the employees cave and agree to a bad contract. They tell us in meetings how the parent company Alcoa will make an extra 1 or 2 billion a year, by buying another company, etc., and the PM gets excited telling the news but we don't see a dime, he might, we won't. Always bringing up closing doors around contract time to try and scare people in signing a bad contract. Their employee recognition program is a joke. They are supposed to recognize people that work six months straight without missing any time, they only do that with employees that they like."

Current Employee - Material Handler says

"Sense of entitlement by certain individuals, no camaraderie, too many small bosses and not enough hard workers. A lot of men there have no respect for women. The environment is toxic and the leaders can be so disconnected from the floor workers. Mandatory 60 hour weeks, 48 is enough for a job like that."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Factory jobs have poor work/life balance. Office positions minimal training & discussions on performance."

Welder and Fabricator (Current Employee) says

"Attention read DO NOT APPLY this place will screw you over It’s not what it use to be they don’t care about you or your family stay away at all means They can’t keep people healthcare cost way to much do not apply the company hates the employees you get no days off no personal days"

Engineer (Former Employee) says

"In an effort to artificially inflate stock prices, Arconic mandates resulted in the complete demolition of the Cranberry, PA Kawneer plant. This plant will be little more than an extrusion press facility soon - project management and engineering staff have been cut by over 50%, and the remaining talent continues to leave. Vacated seats are not being backfilled, as if the company is still starved for cash even after the mass layoffs. Production has been also cut back."

Crew Member (Former Employee) says

"found coworker was sexually harassing my wife w Facebook messenger while on the job. Brought to management's attention, they slapped him on the wrist.Used to be a great place to workGradually got more strict to certain people . Relaxed on others."

Supervisor (Former Employee) says

"This company is in complete disarray, the bosses and supervisors never leave the office. Not one manager knows how to do the job that the employees doPaper safety is all the care about because employees get hurt every day"

Debridger oper (Current Employee) says

"Runnnnnn Management is clueless there is no support for empllyees at all Favoritism runs rapid here! You must be a butt kisser in order to make a career here.NoneEverything"

Press Operator/Setup/Coordinator (Current Employee) says

"They want more and more from you every year. Horrible management. Hasn't had a pay raise in 3 years. Took pension away. No room for advancement. Fires everyone for petty reasons hires the worst people for you too work with I do not recommend working thereNo pay raises no room for advancement they fire people whenever possible worst management I ever saw"

Fabricator (Former Employee) says

"This company is not a place to work they will back stab intentionally not train you how to do things because they think it's job security for them to be the only people with the info. They will not hold true time their promises and really just don'tTo many to count"

Production Manager (Current Employee) says

"Upper management manages by fear, intimidation, and genuine lack of gaining understanding. Stay away"

Production Worker (Current Employee) says

"Management doesn’t care about the workers and neither does the union. Very scattered with layoffs and mandated overtime. Management looks down on workers like they are lesser."

Forklift Driver (Current Employee) says

"300% turnover in plant managers, HR, ops managers. Money wasted on ineffective projects while others fall apart. Management has apathy towards hourly employees. Now, our business is up for sale to the highest bidder! Yay uncertainty! Went from feeling like having a future to cleaning up my resume.Decent pay and benefits12 hour shifts, lots of forced overtime, management is incoherent at all levels"

Fabricator/Welder (Current Employee) says

"Ive been here 8 years, and the level of discouragement that i feel is unbelievable. It used to be decent when i started. It has since gone downhill, and its made very clear that they care nothing for their employees, only dollar signs."

Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately there are some good people here, however the majority are sneaky and unethical. Poor pay scale, demanding work loads, unfair expectations."

Saw operator (Former Employee) says

"I enjoyed my job while there a year-and-a-half. I feel like I learned a lot and I would have continued staying on but the management in my saw department was terrible!!! The supervisor like to play favorites with some of her team. To the rest of the people she was unapproachable, condescending, unsympathetic. policieprocedureas long as it benefited the company"

Shipping and Receiving (Current Employee) says

"Bad work place bad management stupid policy never ready for work load unsafe place to work bad medical care poor management bad communication old equipment"

Anodize Back up Team Lead (Former Employee) says

"Avoid this place for a career..if anything use it as a stepping stone. If you're in with the right people you could go further up the chain but if you're not then forget about it. You could be late from traffic and get pinged with a point but the very next day someone could be late and they'll let them use a scheduled vacation day to avoid the point. They already select their employees for promotions even though it's supposed to be an interview process. Communication is non existent and they claim there's no retaliation but the moment you say something about the wrong Peron you're now a target. DO NOT LET THEM LIE TO YOU. Worst off they also try to promote people that can't do the labor to the higher paying positions instead of give it to solid workers cause the lazy ooeple can't keep up. It's safe and sends a poor message to employees that actually work hard. And if you're lucky enough to get promoted you will get zero training cause some supervisors are control freaks and refuse to teach you so they can be the only ones to know it all. So sink or swim in this place.Good/Decent entry level benefits and payEvery single thing else"

Factory Laborer (Current Employee) says

"Management does not care about their employees. They hire a lot of new supervisors who are unqualified. It's an unsafe place to work. Your replacable.decent wageconstant work, get yelled at for talking while working, dont get hurt, pound pound pound."

Unloader/Loader (Current Employee) says

"The plant and the HR and supervisors are not worth working for. They take eachothers side and not the employers. They don't care for their workers or work environment."

Material Handler/Forklift and Crane Operator (Former Employee) says

"I operate forklift, crane, walk behind and cart caddy. Its very fast pace and hot. There's a lot of walking and heavy lifting. I also fill in on the production line when needed.Friendly enviromentPoor management"

Laborer (Current Employee) says

"Company is battling union about a contract. Have been getting bad contracts for years, and we have been working without a contract since the end of February of this year. No raises since Februray 2017. Make millions of dollars, and they won't want to give us a decent raise. Raises they are offering are so small that when insurance goes up every year it wipes out our raise, and we are making less money in the new year. They preach safety is #1 but profit is. All supervisors talk about is getting our numbers which means more dollars for them. Trying to mandate us 60 hours a week which is ridiculous. No life work balance, even though working 12 hours we are supposed to have days off but they mandate every week in fabrication dept. Fabrication dept. is the worst department in the plant. Lied to us about no more OT when we went to 12 hour shifts. We are mandated eight months out of the year! No sick days, no personal days, don't accept Dr. excuses for being out sick one day, they give you a hit. Get six hits in a year, you are fired. Place is falling apart, people are quitting left and right for better jobs, even though the pay is ok for the area, and they are firing people all the time. Reason for that is most people stopped caring when they won't give us a good contract. Supervisors don't use the program to recognize employees for doing something well, that has all stopped. Short handed, management isn't doing a good job at getting new people hired, but they haven't done anything good for a while there.Weekly paycheck, dental, eye insurance.Short lunch, medical insurance is horrible, bad union. They hire supervisors with no experience, and don't hire people who had 20 years supervisor experience somewhere else. Way to much OT."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Good benefits but poor management There is a lot of flexibility with the hours you work but many times they expect you to work overtime even though they state it's not required."

Matthew Young says

"As an architect who has been pestered by Glenigan for information on construction projects I would advise caution to any prospective customer. They try to bully information out of us without any clear reason why we should talk to them. It is in no one's interest but theirs. We do not feel inclined to give them the full picture. It makes us wonder how valid their information is."

Paul Hardy says

"AVOID AVOID AVOID. We were sold a dream, we are a small family run business and was promised new leads to grow our company. We signed up to a 12 month contract and called up to cancel after 5 months as it wasn't for us, it had no benefits to our business. We were told we had to pay the full 12 months as we were under contract. We did this without prejudice. There was no mention of a 3 month cancellation period because it would have worked either way and we could have gotten out of the contract earlier as we have now found out. There was also no mention of automatic renewal as should have been mention before we purchased the program. I'm sure if glenigans review there phone calls, I'm sure they will see that any of these important points were not mentioned. This is because it is in there interests and not their clients! Since we have cancelled the direct debit after 12 months of payments, we have had several treating phone calls from the credit team demanding payment during this Covid 19 lockdown period. Both myself and my wife who own the company are under lockdown due to goverment instructions as we are 67 and 69 years of age and have underlying health issues! The government will not let us earn a living and glenigans are consistently persecuting us by phone on a near daily basis. There aggressive tactics from the credit department are worrying in these uncertain times. Our most recent phone call came today, the credit administrator said they would pursue us until they received the renewal monies. When we explained that we cancelled the policy after reluctantly paying for the service for 12 months, they said it automatically renews for another year!! This was never mentioned to us at the beginning during or when we attempted to cancel the policy early!!! We would be interested to know if glenigans have also harassed other clients during these troubling and uncertain times. We cannot and will not pay what they are demanding. If we have to attend court after this pandemic is over, we will gladly present the judge with all of the evidence and facts of there sharp practices and terror tactics. We will also take to social media, local and national media and other governing bodies on how they are harassing two vulnerable people. Please please please do not fall for glenigans promises when the sales team call. They sell a dream which turns into a nightmare!!!"

Steve Broughton says

"AVOID. Appalling, unethical business which in my experience miss-sells a lead generation service which is only barely useful if you are a construction related business. I took them to court for miss-selling and cannot urge anyone enough reading this review to absolutely avoid entertaining Glenigan."

Ashley Fabian says

"Ridiculous auto renewal policy with no reminders. I would strongly advise anyone to stay well clear of this company and their bully tactics. If anyone is in a similar situation i would very much like to hear from you. ashley!@thetilepeople.co.uk (please remove the !) We signed up to the Glenigan Platform and unfortunately it didn’t work out for our company for various reasons. I had several conversations with my account manager at the time that inferred once our contract is up for renewal we will most probably leave. 22 days after our contract renewed i received a call from my "new account manager" congratulating me on singing another year. No reminders, no calls, nothing. Glenigan claim "we try to remind all our customers but we don’t get to all of them" this leaves me to think it was a "deliberate mistake" as they knew we wouldn’t be renewing. How can a company tie you into another contract for £10000+ without contacting you. However they seem to find the time to contact you many times before you sign on the dotted line. They didn’t even send us a copy of the auto renewed contract. We are a small family run business, and simply cannot afford the full amount, we have offered them the 90 days as a sign of good will but still they refuse to show any form of professional courtesy. In all honesty I would rather donate the £10000 + to a local children’s charity the money would be better spent."

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